Who We Are

Big Indian Kennels is a family run Labrador Retriever kennel located in Marshallville, Georgia. Our home and kennel overlooks the Big Indian Creek. The dream of Big Indian Kennels emerged out of the fascination of seeing Labradors hunt and perform at a high level, simply due to their natural instincts and breeding quality. Our desire is to develop dogs that are athletic and excellent in the field, while at the same time being gentle and obedient in the home. Big Indian Kennels currently whelps a small number of litters per year, and we put an emphasis on customer relations and equipping our clients to provide the best care for their new puppy. 

Our Breeding Goals

Big Indian Kennels seeks to develop a line of Labrador Retriever that accentuates their natural hunting ability, willingness to please, and athletic conformation. We also believe that a high performance hunting dog should be able to obey in the home as well. We believe a quality Labrador Retriever should be trainable by anyone willing to put in the time and care with their dog. Big Indian Kennels looks to selectively breed dogs that show high natural ability in hunting situations and display a calm demeanor whether at home or in the field.