Ruby's First Litter

Late Sunday, July 10th,  Big Indian's Ruby Red (Ruby) began delivery of her first litter. The pups started coming at 10:00 p.m. We had taken her to the vet for x-rays so we would have an idea of how many to expect. The results gave a clear indication for 8 puppies with room for another to be hidden in there somewhere. Here's a play by play of the longer than expected whelping: 

10:00 p.m.- Black female

10:45 p.m.- Black male

11:30 p.m.- Yellow male

11:36 p.m.- Black male

11:58 p.m.- Black female

12:50 p.m.- Black female

1:13 a.m.- Black male

1:53 a.m.- Yellow female

At this point, I was beginning to settle in on the couch looking to rest a little. But Ruby began to get still and breathe heavy. Then...

2:40 a.m.- Yellow male; A surprise pup! Surely that must be the last one. And then...

2:49 a.m.- Black female; Wow. But wait...

3:11 a.m.- Yellow female. After this final puppy Ruby settled in and rested, the end of a healthy and abundant litter. 11 healthy labs. 

Check in for pictures and weekly updates on the litter. Also contact us to secure your pick of this great group of puppies. 



Resting after a marathon delivery...

Resting after a marathon delivery...