A look into what some of our puppies are doing now...

max olive.jpg

Big Indian’s Olivet Dawn /

Big Indian’s Midnight Maximus

These litter mates from our July 2016 breeding of Jack x Ruby earned their HRC Started title in September at the Etowah HRC in Rome, Ga. Max and Olive will be sharing time on most of our duck hunts this year. We look forward to running them in the Seasoned level tests in the Spring.


Big Indian’s Maggie May

Excited to work with Maggie in our gundog training program. She earned her 2 ribbons in the HRC Started test in Dublin on Nov. 17,18, 2018. This was Maggie’s first test, and she knocked it out of the park. Happy for her owner Brandon Doles and look forward to getting her title in the Spring.


Riggs Doles

Riggs also picked up 2 started passes at Middle Ga HRC his first time. He got quite a few comments on his attractive appearance from other handlers and the judges. Look forward to working with him again in the Spring.


“I enjoyed a great afternoon today, meeting with Kyle Barfield. He is the proud owner and operator of Big Indian Kennels. The dogs were wonderful! Lab Retrievers so in tune to their task at hand! So many smells, so many distractions...but yet they held it all together and passed their American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen tests with flying colors. Congratulations to Maggie, Olive, Max and Riggs!”

-Chan Johnson, J & J Dog Training

Nov. 21, 2018